Built by Travel Nerds…for Travel Nerds!

After traveling the world non-stop for almost 8 years, we accumulated so much knowledge about a variety of places that we weren’t actually sure if we’d ever really use it again.

But then it came to us: Build a trivia website for other traveling nerds just like us!

That’s what TTC is: A place for you to test your worldly wisdom and to compete with other travel dorks. You don’t have to put your quiz results on the leaderboard…but then how else will anyone know that you’re simply the smartest?

About the Creators of TTC

Dalene and Pete Heck in Switzerland

Dalene and Pete Heck

have traveled to over 60 countries and blogged for 10+ years at HeckticTravels.com. After traveling non-stop for almost 8 years, they returned to Canada where they currently reside.

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But first! We’ve created the ULTIMATE travel trivia with this humdinger of quiz (it’s 100 questions). Start with that quiz to get the biggest jump on the leaderboard!

And! Do you want a leg up on your competition? Find us on Facebook where random questions will be thrown out regularly to test your travel expertise.

Are you a travel game nut, too? On another blog of ours, we’ve published an extensive list of travel games we love.