Welcome to the Ultimate Canadian Trivia Quiz Challenge!

So you consider yourself an expert in Canadiana, do ya, eh? Oh ya, well, sorry, but you’ll have to take this quiz and prove to us how much Canadian trivia you actually do know! And believe us, this quiz ain’t easy. You’ll need to know your Canadian geography, famous Canadians, Canadian currency, some iconic Canadian slang, Canadian history, Canadian sports, plus much more. If you do happen to score more than 90%, perhaps you are a true Canuck and not the hoser we thought you were.

Canada Day

A warning up front: This is a monster of a quiz, 100 questions long, and will take you some time. And don’t cheat! Sure, you could Google most of the answers, but a true Canadian keener wouldn’t do that.

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Ultimate Canadian Trivia: 100 Questions About Canada

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