Nuremberg Castle was an instrumental location for emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, not only as a residence for the men of power but also as the location where important matters were discussed at Imperial Diets.

Historic downtown of Nuremberg at dusk with the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg in the background
Historic downtown Nuremberg with Nuremberg Castle in the background

The fortifications at Nuremberg Castle go back all the way to Medieval times, and the whole complete is steeped in history that spans from that time all the way through to World War II. Currently, the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg functions as a museum, showcasing a lifestyle of times long past. This complex is remarkable in its splendor and you can read some interesting facts about Nuremberg Castle in this blog post. Then, if you are feeling up for it, try your hand at the quiz below! Also, don’t forget to log in to get your score on the leaderboard.

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More About Nuremberg Castle

Need to study more about the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg? We’ve got several answers to the quiz – plus much more – in our facts about Nuremberg Castle blog post.

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