Canadians are notoriously friendly and tend to overuse the phrase “sorry,” but we’re not sorry about highlighting this beautiful and expansive country. The 10 provinces and 3 territories that make up Canada are full of intriguing facts and tidbits. Some are full of dinosaur fossils, some are surrounded by ocean, and some have a climate similar to Mars! Buckle up, we’re going on an adventure through the Great White North with this quiz about Canadian provinces and territories.

Woman wearing a straw hat wrapped in the Canadian flag looking out through the trees overlooking a glacier blue lake surrounded by mountains

Before diving into this quiz, we recommend taking a gander at our blog post about this topic called 27+ quirky facts about Canadian provinces and territories. Once you’ve studied up, log in to get your score on the leaderboard and give these 20 questions about Canadian provinces and territories a go!

Good Luck!

20 Questions: Canadian Provinces and Territories

More About Canada

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