The food in Argentina is a melting pot of global flavors. European settlers are largely responsible for Argentina’s cuisine, mostly from Italy and Spain. However, there are also infusions from other cuisines and ethnicities such as Germans, French, Jewish, and British. These people, among others, brought their styles of cooking and national recipes with them when they settled in various locations in the country across different points in history. However, it would also be a disservice to not include the traditional flavors of the region from the Indigenous population; of course, they have also contributed to the current landscape of Argentina food.

Close up shot of choripan, a popular street food in Argentina, on a wood plate with a glass of wine

This means that Argentina food is incredibly unique and full of history, creating super delicious results. Many dishes are tied to national holidays, certain days of the week, and times of importance. Test your knowledge of the food found in Argentina and see how you do! Caution: may cause hunger pains and an urge to hop on a plane to try Argentina food for yourself.

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20 Questions: Argentina Food

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